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The Complete Solution for Gun Enthusiasts. Track Guns, Maintenance, Ammo and Range Information

Track purchases, sales, serial numbers, images, maintenance and more.
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Track purchase prices, quantity on-hand and reviews. Get reorder alerts.
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Keep track of location, date, distance and ammo. Even store your range photos.
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Range tracking allows ArmoryBook to

  • Accurately keep an inventory of ammo shot (ammo entered using the purchases feature)
  • Estimate cost of every range trip (show is list mode)
  • Triggers notifications when inventory gets low
  • Rounds fired between gun maintenance 
  • Total rounds fired for each gun

The range screen is broken down into 3 main sections: Information, History and Images. Each section can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the section heading or on the arrow on the right hand side of the heading. This allows for easily grouping and hiding of information that doesn't need to be reviewed every time a range trip is opened.

Range Information allows quick and easy tracking of the basic information for each range trip.  Location, date, gun, ammo shot, distance, rounds fired and notes.  Making notes on each range trip can help to identify any weather conditions or any observatons when at the range. 

Range Images can be uploaded of each group. These images allow identification of any changes with the gun accuracy and identification of techniques that has resulted in group size impormenets.  Group images can also be used when reloading to identify slight variances in each laod to determine the best load for each gun.

Image viewing in ArmoryBook is done using a very powerful image viewer, here are the basic features.

  • + and - buttons in the upper left corner of the image allow for easy zooming
  • Button directly below - returns the image back to the original size
  • Button with four arrows will switch the image viewer to full screen mode, clicking on the button again, or using the ESC key, will return back to normal viewing mode
  • The Play button to the right will start a slide show of all the images
  • The right side of the image viewer contains thumbnail images that can be used for quick navigation to desired image
  • Using the > button on the upper left of the thumbnails will hide the thumbnail images so that the main image will take the complete viewer

Range History allows for quick and easy access to previous range trip notes and images.  These notes and images can be referenced when on the range to make adjustments logged in previous range trips.


Data Tracked

  • Location
  • Date
  • Gun
  • Ammo Shot
  • Distance
  • Rounds Fired
  • Notes

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