A new option has been added to the gun screen, Allow Notifications. When AromyBook is automatically adding notifications any guns that do NOT have this checked, will be ignored, and a notification will NOT be added. By default every gun add will have Allow Notifications set (checked).

Allow Notifications for Gun

Allow Notifications can be set manually from the Gun screen or can be set when dismissing a system Notification using the X in the top left corner of a notification.

Dismiss Notfication

When dismissing a notification, the header will display the notification message and two options, Remove and Disable.

Selecting Remove will cause the notification to be removed and paused (30 days by default). If the reason for the notification is not resolved within the pause period, another notification WILL BE ADDED by the sytem.

Selecting Disable will cause the notification to be removed and NO FURTHER system notifications, of ANY TYPE, to be generated for the current firearm. Notifications can be turn back on manually using the Allow Notifications field in the gun screen.

Dismiss Notification Options