A new summary line has been added to the Gun Information and Gun Info by Tags reports. The two longest lines of information in these two report are Accessories and Tags. To make it easier to view on the screen and in print, a single full length summary line will be displayed at the bottom of the report.

Gun Information Reports Menu Items

To configure the contents of the summary line, access the System Settings menu. In the Reports section the Gun Information Child Line has three options:

  • Accessories
  • Gun Tags
  • Tags/Accessories

Below a sample of each option is shown.

Gun Information Child Line Selection

The system will default to showing the Accessories option. A | will separate each item in the list to increase readability.

Gun Information Report with Accessory Child Line

The Tags option will display all selected tags for each gun, each tag is separated by a |.

Gun Information Report with Tags Child Line

The final option, Tags/Accessories will display both Tag and Accessories information in the summary row. If tags and accessories are extensively used this is the preferred option. Each type will ONLY be displayed if information is found.

Gun Information Report with Tags/Accessory Child Line