Two new collection value graphs have been added to the system. The first is the Accessory Collection Value graph. This graph will show amount Paid, Estimated Value and Net Worth all system accessories. Net worth is the different between what was paid and the estimated value.

Accessory Collection Value Graph

The second value graph is the Collection Value graph. This graph combines the gun and accessory graphs into one, giving the combined collection value. A stacked bar graph is used to display both gun and accessory information in a single bar. Notice that the tooltip provides both gun and accessory information as well as a total.

Total Collection Value Graph

The three collection value graphs, Accessory Collection Value, Gun Collection Value and Collection Value can be run individually from the Graphs section of the system's report menu .

Collection Value Graphs

The two new graphs can be displayed on the home page. To add a graph to the home page, go to Settings => System Settings, then select the appropriate graph for Chart 1 - 4 in the Home Page section.

Home Screen Graphs