The ability to set a reorder minimum for a caliber has been added to ArmoryBook. The notification will be displayed in the caliber summary line in the Inventory Reorder List on the main page. Previously, reorder amounts were entered for a specific ammo purchase. This new feature allows the ability to set reorder minimums solely based on a caliber. The alert will be displayed only when the listing is grouped by ammo caliber. The caliber total rows are highlighted in the image below.

Inventory Reorder Listing

There are 3 levels of alerts: blue, yellow and red. When the total rounds for each caliber is approaching the reorder limit, the background color will change from the stand gray to blue, then yellow and finally red. The blue and yellow colors are used as a warning that you are approaching the reorder limit.

To configure the caliber minimums, select the Calibers option in the Ammo section of the system setup menu.

Ammo Caliber Setup

Select a caliber from the list to enter into edit mode. Notice the new Reorder Level column that has been added.

Ammo Caliber Listing

Enter the desired quantity in the Caliber Reorder Minimum field. If no value is entered, nothing will be displayed in the Reorder column for this calibers' total row in the Inventory Reorder Listing (refer to first image).

Ammo Caliber Edit

If a value is entered for the caliber reorder minimum, and there are no rounds of this caliber in inventory, an entry will be added to the listing indicating that it needs to be ordered.

No Rounds of Caliber, Grouped by Caliber

This new reorder entry will also be available when the listing is not grouped by caliber as can be see in the image below.

No Rounds of Caliber in Inventory

Note: The new caliber reorder rows have also be added to the Inventory Reorder List report.