A new All Range Report button has been added to the Inventory List Information screen. The button has been added to the new toolbar at the top of the screen under the main title. The button looks exactly like the All Notes button on the gun information screen.Selecting this button will gather ALL notes that have been entered into the system for this inventory item (ammo), group them buy firearm and list them in one window.

Inventory Item Edit

Below is an example of the report grouping the information by gun and highlighting any key phrases using the ArmoryBook Phrase Highlighting System discussed above. Notice how the color highlighting draws your attention quickly to the different phrases.

This report can be a great tool when trying to identify problems with a specific ammo (ammo has problems with all guns) or when tracking the performance of a specific firearm with respect to a specific ammo (only one firearm is having problems while all others work fine).

Inventory Item Range Listing

Iventory Item Range Listing 2

Note: ONLY range trips with notes will be displayed, if no notes where entered then it will not be included in this report.