Images in the All Notes popup information screen are now clickable. The image below highlights the gun screens All Notes button with a red circle.

Gun All Notes Button

Any of the images displayed (gun, maintenance or range) can now be clicked on to "zoom" the image. In the image below, the last image in the first row is clicked.

All Notes Screen

Notice that the image is enlarged and moved to the forefront over the All Notes popup screen information. This screen will provide access to all images found in the popup. Navigation is done using the or arrows located in the middle of the left and right side panels.

Notice that additional tools are also provided in the upper right corner of the screen.

All Notes Expanded Image

Here is an explanation of the addition tools, highlighted in red below.

  • - Allows zooming in on the image even further
  • - Slide show button cycles thorough all images with a short delay between images
  • - Expand the image to take the whole screen for maximum viewing (ESC allows return)
  • - Download the raw image so it can then be used for emails or documents
  • - Thumbnail gallary (explained further below)
  • - Exit

Image Tools

The thumbnail button is used to display a thumbnail gallery on the right side of the screen, allowing quick selection of any image. The currently selected image will be highlighted in red as in the image below.

Image Gallery

Below is the location of the All Notes button in both the Maintenance and Range Information screens.

Maintenance All Notes

Range All Notes