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Improved Round Count Tracking and Maintenance Recording Details

ArmoryBook keeps track of the total number of rounds fired for each firearm along with the number of rounds fired since its last cleaning. These counts are used in various system notifications and information displays. To increase the accuracy of these counts, and to allow for more detailed maintenance information, each maintenance type can new be tagged as Barrel Cleaned During Maintenance.

When ArmoryBook is tallying rounds fired for range trips and cross-referencing maintenance records, it will use this new classification to indicate if the rounds fired since last cleaning should be reset. This new feature will allow for the creation of detailed maintenance types that will NOT affect the round counts on a firearm. For example, a maintenance type of "Refinish Stock" can be created with the Barrel Cleaned During Maintenance field not checked. When this maintenance type is used, it will have no affect on the tallying of round counts but still allow for tracking the stock refinish that was performed.

Maintenance type information can be modified in the system setup screen. To access the setup screen, go to the main menu setup option and select Maintenance Type.

Main Menu Maintenance Type Setup

The Maintenance Type listing screen has a new column, Barrel Cleaned. This provides a quick way to identify if a maintenance type will affect the tallying of round counts.

Maintenance Type List

The Edit Maintenance Type screen now has a checkbox, Barrel Cleaned During Maintenance. The value set here will be used as the default value when this type of maintenance is selected on a maintenance record.

Edit Maintenance Type Barrel Cleaned not Checked

Edit Maintenance Type Barrel Cleaned Checked

When entering a maintenance entry for a gun, the Barrel Cleaned option will change dynamically based on the value selected for the maintenance type field (Complete Breakdown in the image below). The Barrel Cleaned option can be checked/un-checked for any maintenance type, regardless of how it was configured. This allows for setting this value on a case by case basis. For example, if during a Complete Breakdown maintenance the barrel is usually cleaned, but in this case it was NOT, you can simply un-check the Barrel Cleaned option and the round count will not be reset when the system is doing its calculations.

Maintenance Record Entry Screen

The Barrel Cleaned During Maintenance information has been added to several reports, the first is the Maintenance Info report. This report is available from the main menu report option as seen below.

Maintenance Info Menu Option

To simplify displaying this information in the report, and to try to include as much information without adding new columns, an * has been added to the Maintenance Type column (red arrow in the image below).

Maintenance Information Report Highlighted

A barrel cleaned column can be displayed, if desired, by selecting the Barrel Cleaned option in the Column Visibility selector.

Maintenance Information Report Column Options

Below you can see the Barrel Cleaned column displayed. Noticed that the * is still displayed in the Maintenance Type column.

Maintenance Information Report Barrel Cleaned Column Visible

As in the Maintenance Info report, the Barrel Cleaned During Maintenance information has been added to the Maintenance Aging report. This report is available from the main menu report option as seen below.

Maintenance Aging Report Options

The Maintenance Aging report has been modified to include an * in the Maint Type column (red arrow in the image below) just as in the Maintenance Info report. The barrel cleaned column can be displayed, if desired, by selecting the Barrel Cleaned option in the Column Visibility selector.

Maintenance Aging Report Highlighted

When Maintenance Aging information is displayed on the home screen it will also include the * indicator in the Maint Type column.

Main Search Results

New Values added to System Search Results

The main menu search results now includes two new fields: Gun & Accessory Value and Safe & Location. Below is an example of search results with the new information.

Main Search Results

To accommodate more information in the list, and to show more results on a single screen, any information that does NOT have a value has been removed. Note that the result information that is highlighted in red shows varying amounts of information.

Search Results Details

Gun Screen Accessories Total/Summary Information

The total value of selected accessories will now be displayed following the Accessories label (refer to the image below).

Accessory Total

The total value will be dynamically updated as accessories are added or removed.

Dynamic Accessory Total

A Gun Status Summary section has been added to the bottom of the gun screen's Basic Information section. The table below show each field and a simple description.

Field Description

Last Maintenance Time since the last maintenance was performed in years, months and days.
Rounds Since Last Maintenance Number of rounds fired since the last maintenance.
Total Images Total number of gun images.
Last Range Date Date of the last range trip.
Total Range Trips Total number of range trips logged.
Total Rounds Fired Total number of rounds fired.

Gun Status Summary

All summary information is available in various spots of ArmoryBook, but this provides a simple, "one stop" summary.

The Maintenance/Range Notes section now provides direct access to all the information it contains using the header as a link that will open up that specific information in a new window (the blue text in the image below).

Maintenance/Range Direct Links

Document Mentions

Mentions are a type of "auto complete" feature, available in ArmoryBook's word processor editors. Mentions work in one of two ways, they can add a link that references another system component, or they can insert previously defined snippets of text into a document. The table below list each mention, text to activate the mention and the result of selecting an item.

Name Activator Result

Gun @gun Link
Contact @contact Link
Quick Note @qnote Insert user defined text

Link Mentions

Gun and Contact mentions allow adding a link into a document that provides direct access to a specific gun or contact. When documents containing these mentions are viewed, clicking on the included link will open a new window/tab containing that items' information.

User Defined Text Mentions

Quick Note (qnote) mentions allow user defined text to be inserted into a document. Using qnotes allows for faster entering of notes in all parts of the system and provides a consistent way to note various parameters being tracked.

Quick Note Configuration

Qnotes can be configured by using the Quick Notes option in the system configuration menu. Below is the Qnote list screen.

Mentions Edit List

Items can be edited by clicking on the text in the Description column or using the Edit button. To delete an item, use the Delete button. New Qnotes can be added using the Add button in the upper right of the screen.

When adding/editing a Qnote the description, category, fill in and active status can be set. Categories can be used to group notes used in different parts of the system together. For example, maintenance or rage information can be grouped together to make finding the appropriate note quicker. The image below shows the add/edit screen.

Mentions Edit Item

Using Mentions

To activate the list of possible values for a mention, type the value in the activator column. The image below shows all three types activated.

Mentions List Sample

Once the list is displayed, any text entered becomes a search phrase, for example, "Benny". The items in the list will be filtered based on this search phrase. To select one of the items in the list, navigate to the desired item, using the cursor keys, then use the TAB or SPACE BAR to select the highlighted entry. In the image below both a contact and gun mention has been added to a maintenance note.

Direct Link in Document

ArmoryBook has an auto highlight feature that is used to draw attention to key bits of information when notes are being displayed. Setting up a Quick Note to enter this type of information makes it so that you don't have to remember the proper format to utilize the auto highlighting feature. Below you can see and example of each of the different highlight options.

Highlighted Notes

Maintenance/Range Notes Panel Added to Gun Screen

A new Maintenance/Range Notes panel has been added to the gun information screen. This panel is intended to provide quick access to all notes that have been entered on a firearm. Initially the panel will be collapsed to allow more space on the screen. The new panel can be seen in the image below.

Ammo Caliber Listing

There are multiple parts to the header of this panel. Moving from left to right, the panels starts with the text Maintenance/Range Notes, clicking this text, or the right arrow will open and close the panel contents. The image below shows a sample of the panel contents. Immediately following the text will be an indication of the number of Maintenance and Range Notes in parentheses. In the image below you can see that there is 1 maintenance note and 6 range notes (1/6).

Ammo Caliber Listing

Following the maintenance and range note counts is an icon that can be used to open ALL the gun notes in another window. The window will contain the following types of notes:

  • Acquisition
  • Gun Notes (top of gun form)
  • Maintenance
  • Range
  • Sale Notes

The notes window can be pinned to the side of the screen to allow easy reference while entering new notes in the gun screen (or any other screen). Bellow is an example of the window contents.

Ammo Caliber Listing

By default, the notes will be displayed WITHOUT images. Not including images makes the notes more compact and easier to read, as well as reduces the required bandwidth for downloading (this is especially important on mobile devices). To include images, simply click the image toggle button.  Clicking the image toggle button again will remove the images.

Ammo Caliber Listing

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