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Wish List Report Update

The Wish List Report has been updated to use the new Summary/Notes reporting system. This update adds many new features to the report:

  • Hide\Show Report Fields
  • Print
  • Copy Report Data
  • Export to CSV or Excel
  • PDF Printing

User Message

Summary/Note option in Reports

A new Summary/Note option has been added to the ArmoryBook reporting system. Summary/Note information tends to be longer text and does not print well in a multi-column report. Utilizing this new feature allows for displaying the notes using the full page. All column information will be displayed as normal with the summary being directly beneath. To attempt to keep the reports as condensed as possible, ONLY summary information with content will be displayed (no blank place holders).

The Range, Maintenance and Contact Reports have been modified and an example of the reports can be seen below.

User Message

User Message

User Message

The new Summary/Note fields are tri-state fields. They can be displayed as before as a standard column, a summary field (spanning the whole page) and not being displayed at all.

Summary information displayed spanning the page.

User Message

Summary information displayed as a column.

User Message

No summary information displayed.

User Message

Any changes made to the reports will be reflexed when printing.

User Message

New User Alerts

Two user alerts types have been added to ArmoryBook. User Messages and System Messages. Both types of messages will be displayed once logging into the system and ONLY when on the main page ( Messages can be configured to display several times and have different intervals between displays. These messages can be printed, if desired, using the Print button.

User Messages will contain information like new system features (like this one), or general information about progress with ArmoryBook.

System Messages will be used to display messages related to ArmoryBook scheduled server service or other situations that will cause down time related to the ArmoryBook server. Below is an example of a user notification.

User Message

Edit Alert Notifications

Alert notifications can now be edited. Notice that there is no edit icon (pencil) on the Maintenance notification.

Alert Notification Edit Button

Clicking on the edit icon (pencil) will display the edit screen below allowing the message and subject to be updated\changed.

Alert Edit

Notification Filtering

Quick filter icons have been added in the Notifications title bar. The first icon (Exclimation), is for Alert notifications. The 2nd icon (wrench), is for Maintenance notifications.

Notification Quick Filters

Clicking on the Alert notification filter icon will automatically enter the word Alert into the search box, highlight the word Alert in any notifications and hide notifications of any other type.

Alert Filter

Clicking on the Maintenance notification filter icon will automatically enter the word Maintenance into the search box, highlight the word Maintenance in any notifications and hide notifications of any other type.

Maintenance Filter

Clicking on the Filter icon (funnel) will display the standard filter search field.

Search Filter

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