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Alert Notifications

New Notification type, Alert. Previously, only Maintenance notifications were available in AmoryBook. A new notification type has been added, Alert. Alert notifications will be displayed with a light red background color.

Alert Notification

Gun Notification Control

A new option has been added to the gun screen, Allow Notifications. When AromyBook is automatically adding notifications any guns that do NOT have this checked, will be ignored, and a notification will NOT be added. By default every gun add will have Allow Notifications set (checked).

Allow Notifications for Gun

Allow Notifications can be set manually from the Gun screen or can be set when dismissing a system Notification using the X in the top left corner of a notification.

Dismiss Notfication

When dismissing a notification, the header will display the notification message and two options, Remove and Disable.

Selecting Remove will cause the notification to be removed and paused (30 days by default). If the reason for the notification is not resolved within the pause period, another notification WILL BE ADDED by the sytem.

Selecting Disable will cause the notification to be removed and NO FURTHER system notifications, of ANY TYPE, to be generated for the current firearm. Notifications can be turn back on manually using the Allow Notifications field in the gun screen.

Dismiss Notification Options

Gun Access from Notification

Direct gun access from Notifications. Once the Notification indicator bell in the main menu, has been clicked the notification screen will be displayed.

Notification Listing

A new icon has been added to all notifications that are related to a gun. The icon will appear in the lower right of the notification with the same icon that appers in the Guns menu. This will allow quick and direct access to the gun related to the notification.

Notification Direct Gun Link

Notice in the next image that the icon is NOT present. If the gun that is associated with the notification is currently open, the icon will not be displayed.

No Notification Gun Link

Gun Listing Speed Increase

The Gun Listing has be changed so that ONLY the information that is being displayed is being transferred. This is a performance change to keep the amount of data that needs to be transferred to a minimum, increasing speed and performance for systems that have more then 30 guns or when AB is used from a mobile device.

Searching for a gun by serial number has been changed to allow partial matches. This now matches the way the global system search works.

Gun Listing

Notification Indication in Gun Listing

A Notification indicator has been added to the Gun Listing for guns that have a system notification. This provides quick access to notification messages for guns that require action.

Gun Listing

Clicking on the notification indicator will display a simple list of anynotifications.

Gun List Notification Information

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