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Range History

A new Range History panel has been added to the system Range Screen. The panel is located directly above the Range Images panel. The panel initially will be collapsed and no history data will be loaded until the panel is opened. This prevents loading a lot of data when it isn't needed.

Range History Panel

Once the panel is opened all range records EXCEPT the currently opened range record will be loaded. Clicking on the date\description (at the top of each line item) will open that range record in another window. If the associated gun for this range record is changed, the information for the Range History will be updated.

Range History Information

If a range record contains any images those images will be displayed as thumbnails if the Show Images switch is on.

Range Image Thumbnails

Clicking on any of the images will zoom the image to full screen, allowing for a more detailed look.

Gun Results Tool Buttons

Default Range Location

A new default Range Location option has been added in the System Seetings section under the menu option.

System Seetings

Any system range location options that have been defined will be listed in the list of options. Once this value is selected, the system will automatically assign this location when creating new range trip entries.

Range Location Options

Safe and Location Added to System Search

Gun safe and location has been added to the system search. The system will search the description value of each of these fields. To help limit the search results surrounding the search in quotes is recommended. Being creative with both list provides a way to quickly locate a gun.

System Search

Gun Thumbnail Added to Range and Maintenance Information

A thumbnail image have been added to the header of the Range Information and Maintenance Information screens.

Maintenance Screen

The image that is displayed will change based on the selected gun, this will help in indentifing the proper gun for the range trip or maintenance entry.

Range Information Screen

When adding a new entry, the toolbar buttons will be displayed once a gun has been selected.

Notification Info Added to System Search

A Notification button has been added to the main menu search results, providing quick and easy access to any notifications for each individual result. The button will not be displayed if there are no notifications.

System Search Results

Clicking on the notifications button will display a popup of the associated notifications. The popup can be seen in the image below. Clicking on the notification button again, or clicking the X in the title bar, will close the popup.

System Search Notification Popup

Each notification will have a header indicating the type of notification, at the far right of the header line is an X that can be used to mark the notification as seen\handled. When marking a notification as seen\handled the confirm dialog will be displayed. If the notification issue is not resolved within the configured dely (Maint Intvl Days Hold After Dismissal, default 30 days), a new notification will be added. The body of the notification will contain additional notification information and a link that can be used to resolve the notification. If the LINK is used to navigate, and changes are made that resolve the notification issue, the system will automatically remove the notification. The last line of the notification will display the date the notification was created by the system.

Mark Notification Seen

Demo Information

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