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Posts from 2023-06-12

Ammo Purchase Inventory Changes

A new copy button has been added to the Ammo Purchase screen. If you are fully utilizing the ArmoryBook inventory system this button can be used to save a lot of typing. For instance, if your order contains multiple caliber line items, this button can be used to duplicate the "original" order and create individual orders for each caliber, thus allow ArmoryBook to track each caliber purchase/inventory properly. Another great use of this new button is for repeat purchases, like 9mm "plinking" ammo. Simply highlight the previous order, copy it and change the relevant dates and amounts. The copy button is highlighted in the image below.

Duplicate Ammo Purchase

Deleting Purchase Order

When purchase orders are now deleted the system will delete automatically created inventory items that have not already been used (items associated to range trips). Previously, a manual delete of associated inventory items would be required before attempting to delete the purchase order. This new feature makes deleting of ammo purchases a lot quicker and easier.

In the image below a new ammo purchase order has just been entered. If the Add to Inventory option was clicked you would have to exit this screen, got to the Inventory screen, locate the newly created inventory item and delete it BEFORE you would be allowed to delete the ammo purchase oder.

New Ammo Purchase

A reminder has been added to the delete confirmation screen to indicate that any associated inventory will be removed.

Delete Ammp Purchase

Deleting Range Trip

When range trips are deleted any ammo used will be automatically returned to inventory, previously this would have to be done manually.

Range Information Ammo Column

A new column has been added to the Range Information list, Ammo. The new ammo column is highlighted in the image below. The ammo caliber, brand and case type used on for each range trip will be displayed.

Due to the amount of space needed for the new column, a few column names have been changed:

  • Distance => DST
  • Rounds Fired # => Rnds

Range Ammo Used

The new ammo column will allow both searching and sorting. When a string is entered in the search box (upper right corner), the system will look for that string in all columns, including the Ammo column. In the image below searching for PPU has limited the listing to only records that contain the string PPU. The sorting option can be used by clicking in the header of a column. To display all range trips that have used a particular ammo, simpy click in the Ammo column header and all range trips with that ammo will be displayed together. Sorting on multiple columns is permitted (like in all parts of ArmoryBook) by holding the shift key and clicking on multiple column headers. This can be used to group all range trips that have used a particular ammo when determining ammo performance across firearms or when looking for performance issues.

Range Ammo Sort/Search

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