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Track purchase prices, quantity on-hand and reviews. Get reorder alerts.
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Keep track of location, date, distance and ammo. Even store your range photos.
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All ArmoryBook reports allow customization of the included data thru the use of the Column visibility button located at the upper left hand corner. Located to the right of this button are 5 buttons that allow for outputting all the information entered into the system. These buttons are:

  • Print - Output to a printer
  • Copy - Copies report data to the clipboard
  • CSV - Save a csv version of the report data
  • Excel - Save an Excel file with the report data
  • PDF - Generates a PDF document

Directly below these buttons is a drop down that allows changing the number of items that are included in a single page of the report. To the right is a search box that can be used to filter the data in the report based on the text that is entered.

Each of the columns in the report are clickable and allow changing of the sort order of the data in the report. Clicking the column header multiple times will change the order of the sort from acceding to descending as indicated by the arrows. Using the SHIFT key while clicking on columns allows the data in the report to be sorted by multiple columns.

Clicking on any of the items in the report will display the relevant information for that line item.

The bottom of the data grid indicates total number of items in the report and allow for navigation from page to page of the report.

Clicking on any of the reports displayed on this page will display a larger image of that report.



Gun Reports

  • Gun Information
  • Gun Info by Tags
  • Range Information
  • Maintenance Information
  • Wish List
  • Gruns by Tags

Advanced Gun Reports

  • Gun Analyzer (Advanced)
  • Range Info Analyzer (Advanced)

Inventory Reports

  • Gun Purchases
  • Ammo Purchases
  • Purchases summary
  • Inventory Summary
  • Reorder List

Advanced Inventory Reports

  • Gun Purchase Analyzer
  • Ammo Purchase Analyzer
  • All Purchases Analyzer

Contact Reports

  • Basic Information
  • Information by Tags

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