Mentions are a type of "auto complete" feature, available in ArmoryBook's word processor editors. Mentions work in one of two ways, they can add a link that references another system component, or they can insert previously defined snippets of text into a document. The table below list each mention, text to activate the mention and the result of selecting an item.

Name Activator Result

Gun @gun Link
Contact @contact Link
Quick Note @qnote Insert user defined text

Link Mentions

Gun and Contact mentions allow adding a link into a document that provides direct access to a specific gun or contact. When documents containing these mentions are viewed, clicking on the included link will open a new window/tab containing that items' information.

User Defined Text Mentions

Quick Note (qnote) mentions allow user defined text to be inserted into a document. Using qnotes allows for faster entering of notes in all parts of the system and provides a consistent way to note various parameters being tracked.

Quick Note Configuration

Qnotes can be configured by using the Quick Notes option in the system configuration menu. Below is the Qnote list screen.

Mentions Edit List

Items can be edited by clicking on the text in the Description column or using the Edit button. To delete an item, use the Delete button. New Qnotes can be added using the Add button in the upper right of the screen.

When adding/editing a Qnote the description, category, fill in and active status can be set. Categories can be used to group notes used in different parts of the system together. For example, maintenance or rage information can be grouped together to make finding the appropriate note quicker. The image below shows the add/edit screen.

Mentions Edit Item

Using Mentions

To activate the list of possible values for a mention, type the value in the activator column. The image below shows all three types activated.

Mentions List Sample

Once the list is displayed, any text entered becomes a search phrase, for example, "Benny". The items in the list will be filtered based on this search phrase. To select one of the items in the list, navigate to the desired item, using the cursor keys, then use the TAB or SPACE BAR to select the highlighted entry. In the image below both a contact and gun mention has been added to a maintenance note.

Direct Link in Document

ArmoryBook has an auto highlight feature that is used to draw attention to key bits of information when notes are being displayed. Setting up a Quick Note to enter this type of information makes it so that you don't have to remember the proper format to utilize the auto highlighting feature. Below you can see and example of each of the different highlight options.

Highlighted Notes