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New Collection Value Reports

Two new collection value graphs have been added to the system. The first is the Accessory Collection Value graph. This graph will show amount Paid, Estimated Value and Net Worth all system accessories. Net worth is the different between what was paid and the estimated value.

Accessory Collection Value Graph

The second value graph is the Collection Value graph. This graph combines the gun and accessory graphs into one, giving the combined collection value. A stacked bar graph is used to display both gun and accessory information in a single bar. Notice that the tooltip provides both gun and accessory information as well as a total.

Total Collection Value Graph

The three collection value graphs, Accessory Collection Value, Gun Collection Value and Collection Value can be run individually from the Graphs section of the system's report menu .

Collection Value Graphs

The two new graphs can be displayed on the home page. To add a graph to the home page, go to Settings => System Settings, then select the appropriate graph for Chart 1 - 4 in the Home Page section.

Home Screen Graphs

Notifications in Maintenance Screen

A Notification button has been added to the maintenance screen to provide quick and easy access to any notifications. Only notifications for the currently selected gun will be displayed, the button will not be displayed if there are no notifications.

Maintenance Screen Buttons

Clicking on the notifications button will display a popup of the associated notifications. The popup can be seen in the image below. Clicking on the notification button again, or clicking the in the title bar, will close the popup.

Maintenance Screen Notification Popup

Each notification will have a header indicating the type of notification, at the far right of the header line is an that can be used to mark the notification as seen\handled. When marking a notification as seen\handled the confirm dialog will be displayed. If the notification issue is not resolved within the configured dely (Maint Intvl Days Hold After Dismissal, default 30 days), a new notification will be added. The body of the notification will contain additional notification information and a link that can be used to resolve the notification. If the LINK is used to navigate, and changes are made that resolve the notification issue, the system will automatically remove the notification. The last line of the notification will display the date the notification was created by the system.

When dismissing a notification, the header will display the notification message and two options, Remove and Disable.

Selecting Remove will cause the notification to be removed and paused (30 days by default). If the reason for the notification is not resolved within the pause period, another notification WILL BE ADDED by the sytem.

Selecting Disable will cause the notification to be removed and NO FURTHER system notifications, of ANY TYPE, to be generated for the current firearm. Notifications can be turned back on manually using the Allow Notifications field in the gun screen.

Mark Notification Seen

The ability to add a User Notification has been added to the maintenance screen. Each User Notification is associated with a gun in the system. New notifications can be added from the Maintenance Screen using the button.

Add User Gun Notification

The subject, date and message can be defined for the new notification. Links to any Contact or system Gun can be added to the message using the standard @contact or @gun ArmoryBook Mentions

Add New Notification

When creating the notification it can be dated from the current date to any date in the future. Notifications can be used to setup reminders for a date in the future for the currently selected gun.

Future Notification

Once a new notification has been entered it will appear the same as any System Notification on the Gun screen. The notifications can be changed and deleted using the standard notification edit and delete icons circled in the image below.

Maintenance Screen Notifications

The new notification will also be displayed in the System Menu Notification list. Below both a User and Future notification is displayed. Note that User notifications are highlighted in a light blue and Future user notifications are a light purple color. These colors are used to easily distinguish the User notifications and Future notifications from the System notifications.

Main Menu Notification List

User notifications can be deleted using the . The User Notification delete screen has been simplified to only include a Remove and Cancel option.

Delete User Notification

The User Notification Filter in the Main Menu Notification search bar will display ALL user notification, both current and future.

User Notification Filter

The Future Notification filter will ONLY display user FUTURE notifications. Both filter options allow for quick and easy identification of the various new user notifications.

Future User Notification Filter

Reloading: Case Overall Length (COAL)

Gun Information Report Summary Line

A new summary line has been added to the Gun Information and Gun Info by Tags reports. The two longest lines of information in these two report are Accessories and Tags. To make it easier to view on the screen and in print, a single full length summary line will be displayed at the bottom of the report.

Gun Information Reports Menu Items

To configure the contents of the summary line, access the System Settings menu. In the Reports section the Gun Information Child Line has three options:

  • Accessories
  • Gun Tags
  • Tags/Accessories

Below a sample of each option is shown.

Gun Information Child Line Selection

The system will default to showing the Accessories option. A | will separate each item in the list to increase readability.

Gun Information Report with Accessory Child Line

The Tags option will display all selected tags for each gun, each tag is separated by a |.

Gun Information Report with Tags Child Line

The final option, Tags/Accessories will display both Tag and Accessories information in the summary row. If tags and accessories are extensively used this is the preferred option. Each type will ONLY be displayed if information is found.

Gun Information Report with Tags/Accessory Child Line

Gun Round Count Tracking

An Initial Round Count (IRC) field has been added to the Gun screen. If you were tracking rounds fired for your guns using a spreadsheet before moving to ArmoryBook, this new field will allow you to carry over that count. The IRC will be integrated into all system reports displaying round count information.

Gun Initial Round Count

Demo Information

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