A new Template option has been added to the ArmoryBook editors. Templates allow quick and consistent entering of notes, as well as ensure that no information is forgotten. Two key places that templates can be utilized to increase consistent are Range and Maintenance information.  Access the templates with the temple button in the upper left of the toolbar.

User Message

Clicking on the template button will display a list of available templates along with a description. Simply select the desired template. Pay close attention to the checkbox at the bottom of the list, if this is checked, the contents of the current note will be OVER WRITTEN with the contents of the template. If you simply want to ADD the template contents to the current notes, remove the check mark and the temple contents will be inserted at the current cursor position.

User Message

Below are the current 7 system templates and a short description.

Template Description

Gun Information Template Gun information block with gun value
Gun Value Table Gun value information based on quality
Image and Title One main image with a title and text that surround the image
Maintenance Information Basic maintenance information
Range Information Basic range trip information
Text and Table A title with some text and a table
Two Columns Two columns, each one with a title, and some text