A Notification System has been added to ArmoryBook.

A new bell icon has been added to the right side of the main menu bar. If there are any notifications there will be a number to the right of the bell indicating the number of notifications. The notification bell will remain visible even when the menu is collapsed on a mobile device. Clinking on the bell will provide access to the notifications.

System Notifications

Each notification will have a header indicating the type of notification, at the far right of the header line is an that can be used to mark the notification as seen\handled. The body of the notification will contain additional notification information and a link that can be used to resolve the notification. If the LINK is used to navigate, and changes are made that resolve the notification issue, the system will automatically remove the notification. The last line of the notification will display the date the notification was created by the system.

Notification Cleared Message

To help in locating notifications there is a filter feature. To start filtering the list, click the funnel  icon and enter a list of filter words in the displayed box. When entering filter words EACH of the words will be searched for individually. Notifications that do NOT contain at least one of the filter words will be hidden, the remaining notifications will display any of the filter words highlight in a "highlight marker" yellow.

Notification Filter

The notification system needs to be enabled and configured before any system notifications will be generated. Use the System Settings menu option to access these settings.

System Settings Menu

There are two types of system notifications that can be configured: Estimated Value and Maintenance Due.

Alert for Value EstimateEnabling this option will turn on the automatic system generation of Estimated Value Notifications. To stop all Estimated Value Notifications simply remove the check mark.

There are two additional settings for estimated value notifications: Notify if Value dees Not Exist and Value Review Month Interval.

If notifications are desired if a gun DOES NOT have an estimated value entered, check the Notify if Value does Not Exist. Time based system system generated notifications can be configured using the Value Review Month Interval, the system default is 6 months. Both notifications can be use at the same time.

Alert for Maintenance DueEnabling this option will turn on the automatic system generation of Maintenance Due Notifications. To stop all Maintenance Due Notifications simply remove the check mark.

There are three additional settings for maintenance due notifications: Maintenance Month Interval, Maint Intvl Days Hold After Dismissal, and Rnds Fired Before Maint Required.

To receive notifications if a gun has NOT been cleand in x number of months change the Maintenance Month Interval, the system default is 12 months. The Maint Intvl Days Hold After Dismissal setting is used to allow a way to delay the month based interval x number of days before it will be added as a notification again (system default is 30 days). This feature is designed so that if a notification for maintenance is added and you know you are going to be shooting the gun and want to delay the maintenance, simply mark it as seen and in x number days the system will reevaluate if a new notification is needed. The Rnds Fired Before Maint Required is used to trigger a maintenance notification after firing x number of rounds WITHOUT a cleaning, the system default is 150 rounds.

Notification System Settings