The total value of selected accessories will now be displayed following the Accessories label (refer to the image below).

Accessory Total

The total value will be dynamically updated as accessories are added or removed.

Dynamic Accessory Total

A Gun Status Summary section has been added to the bottom of the gun screen's Basic Information section. The table below show each field and a simple description.

Field Description

Last Maintenance Time since the last maintenance was performed in years, months and days.
Rounds Since Last Maintenance Number of rounds fired since the last maintenance.
Total Images Total number of gun images.
Last Range Date Date of the last range trip.
Total Range Trips Total number of range trips logged.
Total Rounds Fired Total number of rounds fired.

Gun Status Summary

All summary information is available in various spots of ArmoryBook, but this provides a simple, "one stop" summary.

The Maintenance/Range Notes section now provides direct access to all the information it contains using the header as a link that will open up that specific information in a new window (the blue text in the image below).

Maintenance/Range Direct Links