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Gun Image added to Reports

Images have been added to the Gun Information and Gun Info by Tags reports. To include and images in the report simply select the image option after clicking the Column visibility button. A 100x75 image will be added to the report. This image will be sized based on the availible space in the report. Images will only be included in PDF documents and when the Print button is used.

Gun iamges in reports

Range/Maintenance Enhancements

Range Information and Maintenance Log reports will be automatically filter by the curretly select gun when the report is selected from the gun screen. (No need to use the filter any more)

Range report filtered by gun

When viewing the All Notes information on a gun, the total rounds that have been fired since the last cleaning will be displayed in Maintenance sections heading.

Rounds fired since last cleaning

Gun Listing - Filter by Tags

Gun tags can now be used to "filter" what guns are listed. This makes creating custom list and quick access to groups of guns. The search box is also still availible.

Gun Listing by tags

The contact list also has a new "filter" that can be used to filter contacts based on the defined contact tags.

Inventory Listing, Group by Caliber

The Inventory Reorder Listing on the homepage has a new Group by Caliber option. When this option is enabled a group will be created for each caliber, with the various brands and types listed under that group.

Group by List

Inventory reorder list, grouped

Stand List

Inventory reorder list, not grouped

Inventory Notes/Audit

A new Notes section has been added to inventory items. This note section can be used to note\explain an changes to the inventory item.

Inventory item notes

Range Audit Information section has been added to each inventory item. This tool can be used to find\fix issues when an inventory discrepancy is found.

All range trips that have the current inventory item assigned to it will be listed. The last to columns will display rounds fired and a calculated inventory after that range trip. Direct access to the range trip, for correction of ammo fired or number of rounds, is provided by clicking on the date field.

Range Audit Information

Demo Information

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