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New Features

Gun List Last Access Date

A Last Access Date has been added to the gun list. The guns in the list we be sorted by this date by default so that it is easy to find a gun that you just accessed or took to the range.

Last Access Date in Gun List

Email History

An Email History button has been added to the Guns screen. This button will provide access to a history of any emails that have been sent from ArmoryBook regarding the select gun. This button will ONLY appear if there are email history records in the system.

Email History Button

Email History Button

Email History Viewer

Email History Viewer

The email history will be displayed with all email subjects and dates on the left column and the email information on the right. Along with the message that was sent any attached images are also included.

New Image Upload Process

The system image upload process has been changed. When the Add Images button is clicked the following screen will be displayed.

Add Images Screen

Add Images Screen

Images can be added in multiple ways to this screen. The Browse button can be used to select images using a familiar file dialog, or you can simply drag and drop images directly into the screen. Once an image is added it will be displayed in a thumbnail format.

Each thumbnail has several buttons. The button on the left (+) is an upload status indicator.

On the left of the thumbnail are 3 buttons.

  • The 1st button (upward arrow) is used to upload that individual images without uploading any of the other images.
  • The trash can button is used to remove this file from the upload process. This provides an easy way to remove any duplicates or images that are not in focus.
  • The magnifying glass icon can be used to examin an image closer BEFORE uploading the image. When this button is clicked the following screen will be displayed.

Image Preview

Image Upload Preview

When using the Upload button all images that have NOT alreay been upload will be uploaded. During the upload process a status bar is displayed. When doing a batch upload there will also be an overall upload status bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. When the upload is complete the screen will appear as below.

File Upload Complete

File Upload Complete

Once uploading is complete simply use the X to close the window.

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