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New Features

Compare Gun Images

A new Image Compare option has been added to the Guns menu. This new feature will prvide a simple way to compare\view images from several guns, all at the same time.

Image Compare Menu Option

The image compare screen has a search box at the top of the page that allows selecting guns to compare. The following fields will be searched:

  • Description
  • Year
  • Country of Origin
  • Caliber
  • Make (Long and Short Description)
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Gun Tags

Image Compare Screen Search

The search box allows entering multiple search words sperated with spaces. Each of the words will be searched for individually. To search for a group of words, surround the words with a single or double quotes.

Search by individual words or group of words

Any guns matching the search conditions will be displied directly below the search box. To select more then one item from the list hold the ctrl key while clicking on the desired row. Each row will contain the

  • Cover Image
  • Name
  • Last Maintenance Date
  • Rounds Fired
  • Number of Images Found

Search Results Display

Once a gun is selected a gun "chip" will be displayed. This chip allows for the removal of that guns panel by simply clicking on the X

Selected Guns

Eachs guns images will be displayed in an image panel. The top left corner will allow opening this gun in another window. The panel can be collapsed using the arrow on the right of the panel. When there are multiple panels being displayed, they can be rearranged by grabbing the panel in the middle of the header and simply dragging the panel up or down.

Guns Image Panel

Clicking on an image in the panel will display that image in a full screen viewer. The viewer has four buttons in the upper right corner. The magnifying glass button will zoom the currently viewed image. The play button will automatically rotate the various gun images.

Image with Gallery

The next button will display a gallary of all the guns images, clicking on a gallery image will bring that image into full screen view. The last button on the right will download the cureently displayed image.

Direct Link in Document

Mentions: Link to Guns and Contacts in Notes

An "auto complete" feature, called Mentions, has been added to all word processor editors. Currently, there are two types of Mentions, @gun and @contact. Mentions provide an easy way to include direct links, in any document, to a gun or contact. To activate the list of possible values, type the @ followed by the associated key phrase, gun or contact. The image below shows both list activated.

Showing Gun and Contact Mentions Sample

Once the list is displayed, continue typing your search phrase, for example, "Benny". The items will be filtered based on the search phrase. To select one of the items in the list, navigate to the desired item, using the cursor keys, then use the TAB or SPACE BAR to select the highlighted item. An ArmoryBook link will be inserted into the document that will allow direct navigation to the selected item.

Direct Link in Document

Maintenance Toolbar Shows Round Count

The Maintenance button on the Gun toolbar will display the total rounds fired since the last maintenance.

Maintenance Round Count

Floating Toolbar

The toolbar on the Gun page is now a "Floating" toolbar. It will remain visible when scrolling through the gun information allowing access to any of the options

Docked Toolbar

Below is the floating toolbar. When the page is scrolled back to the top, the toolbar will automatically "dock" into its' original position.

Floting Toolbar

Gun Value Last Updated Tracking

ArmoryBook will now automatically track the date that the value of each gun is last updated. To display this value simply hold your cursor over the value field in the Basic Information section in the gun screen.

Tooltip showing last date value was updated

This value will also be availible in any of the gun reports. Under the Column Visibility report option the value will be listed as Value Last Upd

Report showing the new value last updated value

Demo Information

All demo content or images are the copyright of ArmoryBook, or their respective rights holders, and cannot be used without prior permission.

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